12 mm One Hitter Set



Mixture of time-honoured dugout elements wrapped in contemporary design and materials



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Our signature DUGOUT set


12 mm One Hitter Set

The Dugouts that was born from a passion for creating quality products

  • 316 Stainless Steel Pipe Pick

    The pipe pick is crafted to fit nicely into your dugout and is ready to use when needed

  • Magnetic Top Closure

    The premium magnetic closure system uses strong neodymium magnets set into the lid and body for safe and secure storage of your dugout’s contents.

  • Design and Usability

    With contemporary aesthetic and clean lines, our dugouts are designed for moving around, being active and enjoying what ever it is you do, in style.

  • Natural/Reclaimed Hardwoods

    Select, natural and reclaimed hardwoods are chosen based on characteristics of sustainability, durability and beauty providing a quality, longlasting product.

The Escape

Our concept for the Escape dugout was created with a contemporary aesthetic and clean lines while incorporating features that allow you to enjoy being active in whatever it is you do, in style and without worry of anything spilling out. With higher capacity 12mm one hitter, the Escape is built for any session or adventure.

Wooden Collection

Classic dugout elements combined with modern design and materials, the Do-Yu Wooden Collection uses select hardwoods that not only result in beautiful and unique features from piece to piece but also provide long lasting durability.

The Altitude Rolling Tray

Using high-quality, domestic and exotic hardwoods, we create simple and stylish piece that will bear witness to precious memories. Combining functionality and beauty, this tray is sure to become an everyday statement piece.


No papers… no problem!
I was out quadding with my buddies last week. We all smoke. Everyone forgot rolling papers except for me. I had my DO-YU Bohdi like I always do. This little beauty never fails and it has everything all in one convenient case. Thank you DO-YU!!

The Escape! Just wow! Grind it, pack it, light it up! So easy. Thank you DO-YU !!

Kat Ward.

The quality is AMAZING!! I’m getting a ton of compliments and it fits in my pockets and in zipper pockets of my purses. Amazing!!!