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The JOHNNY. One Hitter Dugout Set.

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The JOHNNY. One Hitter Dugout Set.

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The Johnny-natural style. The Johnny, our most classic design, is a mixture of time-honoured dugout elements with a splash of modern materials and design. 

The Johnny pipe pick is offered in 316 stainless steel. We chose this material not only for its use in food grade applications but also for its strength, durability and beauty. The pipe pick is crafted to fit nicely in our dugouts and is ready to use when needed.

The premium magnetic closure uses strong neodymium magnets set into the lid and body for safe and secure storage of your dugout’s contents.

The Johnny includes a clear 12mm one hitter, integrating with the wood and stainless steel elements. The one hitter incorporates internal "pokes" that act as a screen, keeping the ash in the bowl and not in your mouth.

With a contemporary aesthetic and clean lines, the Johnny Dugout is designed for moving around, being active and enjoying what ever it is you do. At Do-Yu Accessories the motto “ENJOY-YOUR-LIFE” has to be at the core of every design we bring from concept to reality and the Johnny dugout is no exception.

Key Features
  • 316 Stainless Steel Pipe Pick
  • Magnetic Closure
  • 12mm one hitter  
  • Hardwood Wood Selections
  • Size: H 3’’ x  W 1.8’’ x D 1’’ 
  • Made in Canada 
  • Tested with real smokers in their natural habitat